Hi everyone! It's time for another trip by Trip Committee! If you haven't been able to enjoy your time after the exams period, now is the perfect chance to do that. This time we will be bringing you to the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch on the 11th of June.
‏’s-Hertogenbosch is the capital city of North Brabant and is famous for various things such as its architecture, old buildings design and its historical stories and roles.
‏The cost of the trip will be 14 euros per person (excluding activities and food).
‏We are looking forward to seeing you guys there!

Please note that if you have purchased a ticket but cannot make it, you will be refunded once you find a replacement. This is because we buy the train tickets according to the number of people who sign up, so giving a refund in any other situation is quite difficult logistically.

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