Berlin Trip

The time has come for Trip Committee to announce its biggest trip yet! From the evening of the 17th of May to the morning of the 21st, we are going to the capital of Germany, Berlin!

Some details we already have for you:
Wednesday evening 17-05 around 20:00 we will be taking a bus to Berlin.
We will be staying in the 36rooms hostel in Berlin for two nights.
The exact plan for the activities is not fully set in stone yet but will include the holocaust museum, berlin wall and one more museum if possible. As well as plenty of free time and fun activities like a beer garden and. We also encourage you to check out the night life if you want to.
We will travel back on Saturday evening and will be back in Eindhoven by Sunday morning.

The presale period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Berlin

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